Richard Mark Wallace

  • Registration number: N/A
  • Period of ban: 5 years (until 26 July 2025)
  • Reason for ban: Pursuant to section 68(1)(c)(i and ii) of the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003.

Last known residential address: 22 Anaheim Boulevard, Shamrock Park, Auckland

Date of birth: 30 September 1957

Any other particulars that may be prescribed: N/A

Also known as

Aliases: ARMSTRONG, Mike

Aliases: AUCKLAND, George

Aliases: AUCKLAND, George Richard

Aliases: CARLIM, Danny

Aliases: CARLIN, Daniel

Aliases: CARLIN, Danny

Aliases: CARTIER, Mark

Aliases: COVINGTON, John

Aliases: FAULKNER, Mark

Aliases: FRENCH, John

Aliases: FURLONG, Michael

Aliases: HARRISON, Lee

Aliases: JURGENS, Graham

Aliases: JURGENS, Graham Michael

Aliases: LOCHEED, Don

Aliases: PROCTOR, John

Aliases: WHITE, Mark

Aliases: WILLIAMS, Mark

Aliases: WILLIAMS, Mark John

Aliases: WORTHINGTON, Mike

Aliases: WORTHINGTON, Mark

Aliases: WORTHINGTON, Wallace