Banned persons list

There are several activities that can result in a trader being banned from motor vehicle trading – including odometer tampering, being a prohibited director, being adjudged bankrupt, or failing to comply with orders of the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal.

Understanding the banned persons list

This list shows the individuals and companies who are currently banned under sections 68 and 69 of the Motor Vehicle Sales Act.

In this list, the reason for a ban is recorded by quoting the relevant section and subsection of the Act. For further information, refer to the banning provisions in the Act:

Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 — Part 4 Subpart 1 – Banning

The start date of a ban depends on the reason why the ban has been imposed. For example, when a ban is imposed due to a conviction, the ban will be back-dated to the date of the conviction. This often means that the start date of a ban is prior to the date the ban is published on the banned trader list.

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