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We assess every complaint received, and those that can be dealt with under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 are referred for further investigation. If we are unable to investigate the matter, we will inform you and provide information on any other possible avenues available to address your concerns. If you are not sure whether you can complain about a specific matter, please contact us.

Notes for this form

  • This form is for complaints such as:
    • illegal trading – this means trading while not registered on the Motor Vehicle Traders Register, or trading while banned
    • odometer tampering – you suspect the distance counter on a vehicle has been altered by a trader
    • a breach of orders made by the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal – a trader hasn't paid you or repaired your vehicle despite being ordered to (they haven't complied with the orders made by the MVDT), or
    • failure to pay money for a vehicle sold on consignment - you sold your vehicle through a trader but haven't received the money for it.
  • Make sure you upload documents to support your complaint. If you don't, this will delay our processing of it. For complaints about:
    • Illegal trading – Provide any evidence you have of vehicle sales being made by the person or company, such as screenshots or photos. This could include evidence of change of ownership, advertising of vehicles for sale.
    • Odometer tampering – Provide any evidence you have showing inconsistency in odometer readings. This could include Customs documents, Japanese auction reports, Car Jam reports, or any other document that shows a discrepancy in readings.
    • Breached Tribunal orders – Provide a copy of the Tribunal decision, and any correspondence (emails, text messages etc.) you've had with the trader about the order after it was made. This could include all correspondence with the trader to arrange compliance with the order, such as payment instructions.
    • Failure to pay money for vehicles sold on consignment – Provide the contract between you and the trader (if you have it), and any correspondence between you and the trader about payment.
  • A free copy of the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 is available from Legislation New Zealand. This is the Act that defines who a motor vehicle trader is and who should register, and regulates what a trader can and can't do. Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 – Legislation New Zealand(external link)
  • The Motor Vehicle Traders Register can be searched online for free. Search the Motor Vehicle Traders Register(external link).
  • If you don't want to provide your name with your complaint, you can write "Anonymous" in the name field. However, this may make your complaint more difficult for us to follow up.
  • If we need further information, we require an email or postal address to get in touch with you.
  • You won't be able to submit this form until you have completed the required fields (indicated by *).
  • DO NOT use this form for:
    • misleading conduct or false representation by a trader
    • anything to do with Consumer Information Notices (also called the window card) – see our page Getting help or making a complaint for who to contact.

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