Clean Car Standard

If you’re importing a light vehicle for on sale or personal use from 1 December, changes are coming.

New requirements under the Clean Car Standard (CCS) are being phased in to incentivise importers to supply cleaner cars to New Zealand.

The CCS sets annual emission targets for vehicles to meet. Depending on the weight and CO2 emission value of a vehicle, compared to the target, the importer will either incur a charge or receive a credit for their vehicle. Credits can be used to offset charges to reduce or avoid costs.

Records of the vehicle credits and charges are recorded in an importers’ CO2 account in the online CCS system developed by Waka Kotahi. This system is now available for vehicle importers to open a CO2 account.

From 1 December, light vehicle importers must have a CO2 account assigned to the vehicle to complete compliance for entry certification. Vehicles that have not completed entry certification by 1 January 2023 will be subject to the charges and credits of the CCS scheme regardless of when they were ordered or arrived in the country.

For more information, visit the Waka Kotahi website:

Clean Car Standard(external link)